Currency Museum Collection (متحف العملات، البنك المركزي الأردني)

A photographic archive of the currency museum collection which contains a number of old and new coins that were used in Jordan from the time of Greeks until the last issue of Jordanian coins and banknotes, notably during the Islamic period. In addition, the museum contains coins and banknotes issued by The Jordanian Currency Board and The Central Bank of Jordan, as well as the commemorative coins and medals issued by the bank. The collection includes the coins which had been circulated in Jordan before Islam, which include Greek, Nabataean and Roman coins in addition to the coins of the Decapolis, Byzantine and Sassanian. The early Islamic coins (Arab-Sassanian and Arab Byzantine coins), in addition to the Islamic coins which were struck from the 7th century A.D to the 16th century A.D during the period of the Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, Ayyubids, Mamelukes, and Mongols. The Ottoman coins which were circulated in this region from the 16th century A.D onwards in addition to the coins and banknotes of the Hashemite in Hejaz, Iraq and Syria from 1916 to 1958 as well as the Egyptian and Palestinian coins which had been circulated in Jordan before 1949.

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