Earliest Evidence for Social Endogamy in the 9,000-Year-Old-Population of Basta, Jordan (دلائل أثرية على الزواج داخل المجموعة الإجتماعية الواحدة في موقع بسطة الأثري، الأردن)

Dataset of systematically recorded epigenetic characteristics of teeth and skulls and of systematic strontium (Sr) isotope analysis of tooth enamel of the late Pre-Pottery Neolithic community of Basta in Southern Jordan. The results inform on the practice of endogamy as due not to geographic isolation or a lack of exogamous mating partners but as a conscious socio-cultural choice. The table recording the data is associated with plans, maps, and figure. The data are discussed in an open access journal article by the same authors linked here as resource.

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Source https://figshare.com/articles/_Earliest_Evidence_for_Social_Endogamy_in_the_9_000_Year_Old_Population_of_Basta_Jordan_/716056/1
Author Kurt W. Alt Marion Benz Wolfgang Müller Margit E. Berner Michael Schultz Tyede H. Schmidt-Schultz Corina Knipper Hans-Georg K. Gebel Hans J. Nissen Werner Vach
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