Ex Oriente e.V. Production, Subsistence and Environment in the Ancient Near East - Institutional Website (الإنتاج والاقتصاد والبيئة في الشرق الأدنى القديم)

The ex Oriente e.V. website provides information about the ex oriente e.V. institution as well as a catalogue of its publications. It showcases the archaeological projects conducted by ex Oriente at Ba'ja and Eastern Jafr.

The website also offers a platform for ex Oriente e.V. associated projects: - The Neolithic Heritage Trail of Southern Jordan webpage provides a summary of the project aims. - The webpages for the Basta Joint Archaeological Project, the Pigpa Project, and the 'Ain Rahub Project are under construction.

Three affiliated archaeological projects: the Eastern Jafr Joint Archaeological Project, the PPND platform, and the Ba'ja project have their own entries here on MaDiH.

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